Print Edition

The print editions & sizes available for each photo image are illustrated below, all prints are printed on Museo Silver rag archival paper with original Epson Chrome ink by fine art print maker Light Editions Pte Ltd, Singapore.


• Large Edition: approx. 60 x 40 inches, excluding 2 inch border. Edition of 10.

• Medium Edition: approx. 40 x 30 inches, excluding 1.5 inch border. Edition of 25.

• Small Edition: approx. 30 x 20 inches, excluding 1 inch border. Edition of 50.






Tips on Handling Prints

Fine art prints are different from commercial papers. Even though commercial papers can withstand rough handling, they are made with thick coating of polythene and other non-archival materials, which will not make the colours and tones requirements of most artists, and also, it will fade over a short period of time. Making them unsuitable for collection.


The following are some guidelines for handling and looking after fine-art prints:


• Use two hands or more to pick up print, depending on the weight of the paper.


• Handle with clean hands and white cotton gloves that are designed for handling art. Avoid touching the printed surface and try to handle the print by the border or edges. Print longevity can be affected by moisture and acid in your skin.


• Do not talk over the print as any tiny drop of saliva or water can cause the paper to deteriorate.


• Best temperature is about 20°C and a relative humidity of 40-60%. No extremes of heat and humidity. Including direct

air-conditioners and humidifiers.


• Do not put near any form of acidic vapours, like moth balls, or perfumes.


• Avoid sun exposure as this will age fine art prints as it would any painting or art works.


• Ensure that the framers know how to handle fine art prints.


• Best to keep behind frame with UV coated glass / plastic. Frames should be generally sealed.


• Even though pigment inks are usually coated, which means they are waterproof, it is not advisable to clean it over with a wet cloth, as the cotton paper base will absorb the paper and will start to deteriorate.



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